How FoxSox Are Made

How FoxSox Are Made

They're more than just socks to us

We love what we do. These aren't just socks to us, they're FoxSox. They're the reason we get up in the morning. We push ourselves to make the best, longest-lasting socks in America. Here's a glimpse of what goes into making our great socks.

How they're made

  • Design, Development and Testing

    Design, Development and Testing

    Once a design is determined, we digitize and program the pattern and thoroughly test prototypes for fit, function and durability.

  • Yarn & Fibers

    Yarn & Fibers

    We engineer the perfect blend of fibers for performance, comfort and durability in every pair. We also continually test fibers to create new, innovative socks.

  • Knitting


    State-of-the-art knitting machines in our Osage, Iowa mill turn thousands of pounds of yarn into socks with hundreds of tiny needles moving at high speeds. Each sock takes three to six minutes to knit.

  • Toe Seaming

    Toe Seaming

    Creating a smooth, durable toe seam is next. Each sock is turned and sewn closed. Any excess fibers are trimmed and recycled. Inspections ensure top quality too.

  • Wash & Dry

    Wash & Dry

    We wash our socks with an organic, petrochemical-free, pre-shrink treatment. It's so safe, you could drink it.

  • Board, Pair & Quality Check

    Board, Pair & Quality Check

    Our socks are boarded onto steel forms and heat pressed. Then they are paired for size and a final, hand-inspected quality check is performed.

  • Packaging & Shipping

    Packaging & Shipping

    Automated machines secure socks into packages and apply SKU level information. Then we ship the finished, packaged socks to more than 3,000 retailers around the globe or right to your door.

See the process in action

Watch Fox River's appearance on Manufacturing Marvels for a glimpse on how socks are made.