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Can I save my information so I don't need to re-enter it every time I order?
Yes, it's easy to save your information so you don't have to re-enter it. Just create a new account by clicking the "My Account" button and then click " Create Account" under the "New Customers" heading on the left. Once you've created an account, you can login before you start shopping by clicking on "My Account" and entering the email and password you created your account with and clicking "Sign-in". Alternatively, once you have added items to your cart, you can login during the checkout process by clicking "Log-in" under the email field.

What if I forget my password?
Don't worry if you forget your password, recovering it is easy. Just click "My Account" at the top of the screen, enter your email address and click "Forgot Password". We will email that address with a link to reset your password so you can login again.

Can I check the status of an order?
You can check to see if the order has been fulfilled under the "My Account" section of the site. At the top of the site, click "My Account". It may prompt you to login if you are not already logged in. Once logged in, you will see statuses for individual orders shown on this screen. To review more detail about what was ordered, where it was shipped, etc. click on the Order Number at the beginning of the row.

What do I do if I made a mistake in my online order?
If you've already placed your order, you will need to call our Customer Service department so they can cancel your order and help you re-book a new order. They can do so over the phone or they can cancel it and you can place a new order online.

Can I buy a gift card for your site?
Yes, just click Gift Card in the footer, select the dollar amount of the gift card you want to purchase, select the quantity and click "Add to Cart" and follow the on-screen checkout process. Your gift card will be emailed to you. Once you receive that email, you can use it to treat yourself or forward it on to another person.

I have a discount code or gift card to use. Where does it go?
Once you click "Checkout" in your cart, you will see a field labeled "Gift Card or Discount Code". Type in the code and click apply. If you get an error message, check the code again and re-enter it. If you continue to get an error, the discount code may be expired, already used or invalid.

I have a discount code pre-loaded into my cart but it continues to error out. What's wrong?
The discount code is either expired, already used or invalid. Click the gray "X" in the circle next to the code to remove it from your cart.

How can I make a return for a order?
To make a return for an order placed on this website, please refer to the return form that comes with your order and follow the printed instructions there. If you don't have that form, please see the Returns page.

How do I make a return for a product purchased at another website or in a store?
To return a product purchased from another retailer (online or in a store), you'll need to contact the retailer you purchased the product from and follow their return processes. If you have questions about this, please see our Returns page.

When will my order ship?
Orders are processed in the order they were received and prioritized based on the shipment method selected. We will ship orders only on Monday through Friday (weekdays), excluding US federal holidays including New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Fox River is also closed at various times for additional days surrounding holidays and production schedules.

If you choose to upgrade your shipping beyond ground shipping, your order must be placed by 12:00 p.m. CST Monday through Friday to go out the same day. Orders with upgraded shipping are processed first. We cannot ship overnight on weekends or holidays. Orders placed after 12:00 p.m. CST may not ship until the following business day. If you select 1- or 2-day shipping, the first day of delivery counts once it leaves our building. Example: If you order at 1:00 p.m. CST on Thursday, Friday is the day your order will leave our building. If you selected overnight shipment, you would receive your order on Monday. If you selected 2-day shipping, you would receive your order on Tuesday.

Shipments to Post Office Boxes (PO Box Addresses) can only ship via U.S. Postal Service Ground Carrier. Priority carriers cannot deliver to PO boxes. Military addresses can only ship via USPS.  Can not ship via UPS or FedEx.

Where does ship to? ships to all of the United States, Canada and these international countries: Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

How do I sign-up to receive discounts and new product information?
At the bottom of nearly every page on there's a mailing list sign-up box. Just enter your email address in that box. You'll immediately get a 10% discount that will appear on screen and you will receive an email that you can use on your order. Note that the initial code can only be used on one order per customer and some exclusions apply, see email for details.

How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
If you'd like to unsubscribe from our mailing list, simply click the "Unsubscribe" link in any of our emails. Additionally, you can go to our Unsubscribe page and enter your email address. Please note, you will need to use the original email address you signed up with. If you have email addresses that forward to a central address, put in the address that forwards, not the address you check. This address can generally be found in the email's "To:" field.


Where are your products made?
Our products are made in the United States of America. Most of our products are made right here in Osage, Iowa USA by 200 of the friendliest folks you could meet. Learn more about Our Company. Due to the way our handwear is made, select products are knit in China. 

Do you guarantee your products?
Our products are guaranteed for one year against manufacturer defects, but we know they'll last you much longer. Learn more about our Guarantee and review our Care Instructions for how to best care for your new favorite socks and handwear.

What technologies are used in your products?
We use a variety of technologies in our products including our popular Wick Dry® Technology to help manage moisture, Scentry™ Technology to manage odor, URfit™ System and Helix Fit™ Volumetric Compression with memory-knit construction to help socks fit their best. Learn more about the technology we use. 

What kinds of fibers do you make products from?
Not all people are the same. Some prefer wool. Some prefer synthetic. Some prefer a blend. Our more than a century of experience has given us superior expertise on how to blend fibers to construct the most comfortable and most durable socks. Learn more about the featured fibers we use

How can I easily find the product I want?
There are a variety of ways for you to find the socks you want most on our site. You can use the menu system to browse first by the gender of product you're looking for, then select an option that best describes your use in the menu on the left. From there it's easy to browse the socks on the page or continue to filter products by using the filter selector at the left. (Note the filter will refresh the listing after each selection. Give it a moment to present you the new options. If you are too specific in your filter criteria you may not be presented with any options.) Alternatively, you can click the search bar at the top of the site and type in a style number, product name, or keyword to help present options that meet your search. Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact us.


Why is it important that socks wick moisture?
Socks that wick moisture keep your feet dry and comfortable. Moisture against the foot causes friction and friction leads to blisters. So the best way to prevent blisters and other foot discomfort (such as cold feet in the winter, hot feet in the summer) is to wear socks that wick moisture away from your foot. Wools, acrylics, CoolMax® and Thermolite® are just some of the fibers that wick moisture to keep you feeling comfortable no matter what the conditions.

Aren’t wool socks itchy?
No, in fact Fox River’s merino wool offers “no-itch” comfort, it’s the softest merino wool available. Our merino wool fiber is so fine that five strands equal the width of a human hair. Its long silky fibers guarantee a wool sock that won’t itch. In addition to comfort, wool is nature’s technical fiber. Wool is the most hydrophilic of all natural fibers, absorbing as much as 30 percent of its weight without feeling wet. Besides being a natural wicking fiber, wool doesn’t attract dirt because it is an anti-static fiber. Fox River merino wool socks also retain their soft feel, wash after wash.

I’ve heard cotton socks are the best socks to wear in hot weather, what do you think?
What holds for comfort in a cotton shirt does not hold true for cotton socks. While a cotton shirt feels cool against your skin in hot weather, cotton is the worst fiber to wear against your foot inside of a shoe where moisture has no place to evaporate. Cotton is extremely moisture absorbent. Once your foot starts sweating, cotton socks absorb that sweat and hold it there against your foot. Instead, your socks stay wet and that wetness causes friction, which in turn causes blisters. We recommend synthetic socks using acrylics or CoolMax® or even merino wool for their wicking ability.

How do I know which sock is best for a certain activity?
The best way is to fully read the description of the product on the product detail page and review the weight of the sock. Each person has different preferences when it comes to socks for their activity. Wearing a great fitting sock that wicks and has cushioning where you need it is critical to the enjoyment of any athletic activity. Every action creates different stress points on the body, and in order to prevent injury, vulnerable spots must be protected. The incidence of blisters and other foot problems can be reduced by wearing the right socks. Activity-specific socks are knit with special areas that protect vulnerable spots on your foot. For instance, Fox River’s walking socks have special cushioning on the top of the sock to prevent shoe tongue pressure. Our snowboarding socks protect against toe bang, etc.

What kind of socks do you recommend to wear in the summer?
Any kind that wicks moisture. It’s a myth that your feet will stay cooler if you skip wearing socks in your shoes. In fact, perspiration causes friction between the foot and the shoe, and that in turn causes hot spots and blisters.

Sweating is the way our body temperature stays regulated in the heat. Drinking enough water to keep the body perspiring is key. Your sweat will evaporate from your skin, but when feet sweat, that perspiration can cause foot problems unless you wear a high-performance sock that will wick the moisture away from your feet.

Socks with an inner layer of synthetic fiber knit against the skin (as in many Fox River Wick Dry® socks) transfer moisture away from the foot to keep it dry. Merino wool—an often overlooked fiber for summer use, but very comfortable—also does an excellent job of wicking moisture away from the foot.

Which socks are best for winter?
The basic concept you should look for in cold weather clothing applies to socks too. The best fabrics offer insulation from the cold and allow the body to release perspiration. Thicker socks are generally warmer because their large loop (knit) construction traps more air which provides warmth and insulation from the cold.

Socks that wick moisture help keep feet warm. Many people prefer heavier socks in winter; just make sure your shoe or boot allows enough room for your toes to move. If your feet are tightly packed into a boot, you will get cold. Keeping warm as the temperature drops is critical to staying comfortable, healthy, and safe. Wind-chill, frostbite, and hypothermia are the three biggest dangers the cold brings.

When you are out in the cold, blood goes to protect vital organs first. Blood vessels in the feet constrict which reduces circulation and increases the likelihood of frostbite.

Cotton is a poor choice because its absorbency causes the fibers to collapse against the skin, drawing heat away from the body. And trapped perspiration is a major cause of cold weather health problems. If you’re wet, your risk of hypothermia increases dramatically. Studies have shown that the rate of heat loss through wet clothing can be 240 times that lost while wearing dry clothing. High-quality socks help retain warmth and absorb and transfer moisture away from the skin.

Wool is the best natural fiber for warmth. Even when wet, wool is warm because wool fibers trap dead air space providing insulation. Synthetic fibers, such as microfiber acrylics, Thermolite®, Hollofil®, or CoolMax®, provide superior moisture transfer. Socks with a combination of these natural and manmade fibers offer great protection from the cold.

You talk a lot about sock fit, why is that important?
It’s very simple. If your socks don’t fit your feet, you will not be comfortable and it will interfere with your enjoyment of any activity. Socks that rub against your feet whether it’s at the heel, toes, or on the sole will cause blisters. All those issues are avoided by wearing great-fitting socks.